dan trueman

recent pre-release tour of Crisscross, a record of tunes that fiddler extraordinaire Brittany Haas and I have been making. also on the record is Britt's sister, cellist (also extraordinaire) Natalie Haas, guitarist Jordan Tice, Crooked Still bassist Corey DiMario, with Lawson White producing. official release coming soon; check the band site for updates.

spent a wonderful year in Dublin, Ireland; composed a piece for the Crash Ensemble, premiered in Dublin April 1, and ongoing collaborations with Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on some stuff. hope to go back soon!

a couple pieces for laptop orchestra in the works, including one with two disklaviers, and one for pianist Kathy Supove. really hard, but really fun, to compose these!

got a new fiddle. fantastik!!

So Percussion recorded neither Anvil nor Pulley in early December up at the incredible Guilford Sound studios in Vermont; it'll be a while before the record is ready—can't wait! reviews of nAnP here and here and here. So is awesome...